Keepsake The Label Elemental Collection

Keepsake The Label Elemental Collection

Keepsake The Label Elemental CollectionKeepsake The Label Elemental CollectionKeepsake The Label Elemental CollectionKeepsake The Label Elemental CollectionKeepsake The Label Elemental CollectionKeepsake The Label Elemental CollectionKeepsake The Label Elemental Collection

I feel like I’ve been so absent from everything this week; the past few days have been characterised by a never-ending cycle of deadlines, late nights, coffee, coffee, deadlines, coffee. As I try to finalise everything before leave for LA tomorrow morning. However the good news is that I finally feel as though I’m on-top of everything that needs to be completed pre-holiday. And to my surprise apart from a few last minute pieces which I’ve only just picked up from the dry-cleaner, my packing is complete.

With that in mind I spent last night browsing my favourite online stores from the comfort of my own couch. First up. The Fashion Bunker. Where I fell head over heels in love with the new Keepsake The Label Elemental Collection. Featuring delicate florals, sheer details, over-sized frills and textured fabrics. The range delivers the perfect balance of structured, feminine pieces that you’ll wear now and treasure forever. And in the spirit of the new season, I’d advise that you don’t save these pieces for something special. Instead make every day this spring a party day.

The key pieces from this collection; The All Your Dress in black . All Yours Mini Dress in black . Two Fold Mini Dress in black and the Head Wave Mini Dress in dark floral. I’m lucky I won’t have to rush to pick up anything special before I leave as I’ll definitely be dropping by the Fashion Bunker Store in Down Town Los Angeles while I am there. However if you can’t make it to either of their stores (in Adelaide or LA)  you can always find the entire Keepsake The Label Elemental Collection via the Fashion Bunker website here.

Photos are not my own. Source Keepsake The Label.

Vogue American Express Fashion’s Night Out 2016

Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out

Vogue American Express Fashion’s Night Out has to be one of my favourite events of the year. And I can’t believe it is just a hours away! When it comes to navigating your way through the Sydney CBD tonight, preparation is key. That is why I’ve spent the past few days compiling a hit list, which includes runway shows, pop-up bars, beauty treatments, special offers as well as my own personal shopping list!

Consider this a start on your own perfect Vogue American Express Fashion’s Night Out agenda…

David Jones is always my first stop of the evening as they have everything from fashion shows to beauty treatments and an array of exclusive discount offers. This year they will also host the Vogue Health and Wellbeing Zone which will be a hub of activity. David Jones is also the perfect place for endless style inspiration. As you’ll be certain to spot your favourite celebrities, Vogue Editors and fashion influences in-store.

Be sure to stop by the Cmeo Collective x Bobbi Brown touch-up make-up bar on Level One at David Jones. Bobbi Brown make-up artists will make sure you look your best, even if you’re feeling a little dishevelled from all that shopping. As well as teach you how to get ready in minimal time, with minimal product and minimal stress! You’ll look perfectly polished when trying on the beautiful new Cmeo Collective pieces in-store.

Pop by the Daily Edited counter at David Jones Lower Ground Floor and finally invest in the personalised piece you’ve been dreaming of. You will also be able to shop a collection of limited edition nylon and leather accessories only available on the night. I will definitely be investing in a few leather pieces for my upcoming holiday; Including a travel wallet, luggage tags, passport holder and cosmetics case. All finished with gold embossed initials!

Visit the Keepsake The Label x Jurlique Relaxation Station on Level One of David Jones for an exclusive Rose Experience. Indulge with a choice of five unique treatments as well as complimentary Jurlique products. Don’t forget to check out the beautiful new Keepsake collection. There are a few pieces which you are sure to fall in love with. Plus if you register your details on the night you have the chance to win a Keepsake The Label x Jurlique hamper valued at $750.

Visit Myer to shop your favourite new season Finders Keepers styles and while your there have your hair professionally braided by a Kevin Murphy hair stylist. For one night only they will be offering customers any kind of braid they like, just in time for the weekend! Or if you prefer a smooth sleek blow dry, stop by the Dyson Style Bar in the Pitt Street Mall before hitting up David Jones x Vogue American Express Fashion’s Night Out Exclusive Vogue Bar on Level Seven!

Photos are not my own. Source Vogue.

Take A Deep Breath

Switch Off, De-Stress And Take A Deep Breath

Take A Deep Breath

I tend to go out of my way to ensure my blog is frivolous, at times superficial, but most importantly, far removed from the part of my life that I don’t share with anyone. For me, not talking about the troubles of day-to-day life is not because I want to convince everyone that I am invincible. I’ve just never felt it was appropriate. However, for this post I wanted to share with you a little bit about the last few months, so that you will understand why I was genuinely moved by the new campaign from Philosophy Skincare…

We don’t often take time out for ourselves. Because we are all so busy with work, relationships, commitments and the pace at which we move through our day. And as a result we often push ourselves to the limit. That is, until the imminent arrival of exhaustion, as well as the burning desire for nothing but a lounge or a bed. It’s then that you realise the stress you have put on your body and your health.

I can’t deny that I’ve spent the last six – twelve months, running from day-to-day. My soul drowning in a schedule that has spun its way in repetitive cycles around my life and bundled my existence into a heart-breaking seven day package; Working full time Monday to Friday and dedicating any free time to preparing content for my website, attending events, driving social media, writing blog posts as well as running my own fashion and lifestyle brand. Not only did I forget to take time out occasionally. I completely forgot to take care of myself.

When your stressed, there’s no denying that it takes a toll on your health and well-being. But it also takes a toll on your appearance. Tired and dull skin are just one of the consequences of not looking after yourself properly. And as a result for the last month or so, for the first time in a long time, my very busy schedule has caught up with me and my skin has been out of sorts. It has also started to lack that youthful radiance that we all wish for.

Then a few weeks ago I received a care package from Philosophy Skincare which asked me to try their new range, Take A Deep Breath. Consisting of two products; An oil-free gel cream that works to keep skin hydrated, energised and radiant. And an eye gel cream; that delivers oxygen to the eye area resulting in younger, more vibrant looking skin. The campaign also encourages you to take a moment to breath and see life more clearly. Not only looking after your skin, but also your health and well-being.

I’ve always loved to spend time by the ocean. Especially when I’ve lost my inner balance and my skin is suffering from irritations. From now on I want to make a conscious effort to take time out for myself at least once a week. So now it’s over to you. When will you make time to look after your own needs? Remember, the small changes we implement have the most empowering and long-term effects. And if you can only fit just a small amount of time aside for yourself, do it while looking after your skin too with Philosophy’s Take A Deep Breath. Available to purchase here.

Photos are not my own. Source Philosophy Skincare.

Camilla and Marc Spring 2016 Collection

Camilla and Marc Spring 2016 Collection

I can’t believe it has been almost ten years since I first hung a Camilla And Marc dress in my wardrobe. That was when I was 19 years old. And I was selecting the perfect dress for my upcoming birthday celebrations. I wore that same dress on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Australia Day, as well as any other opportunity I had. Which also includes my job interview at Estee Lauder in Sydney two years later!

Since then I can attach more memories and life events to numerous Camilla and Marc pieces than any other label in my closet. Everything from overseas trips, weddings, new lovers, old flames, graduations, birthdays, break-ups and make-ups. And like a true friend you can always rely on, I love the way each distinct and opulent design makes me feel. Elegant, smart, sophisticated and completely secure.

It only seems fitting that I would look to the Camilla and Marc Spring 2016 Collection when searching for the perfect dress for my upcoming milestone birthday celebration. I didn’t just find one dress. I found three! And not only dresses. I also fell in love with two tops, a skirt and a jacket. All that I just have to have. To view the entire Camilla and Marc Spring 2016 Collection and shop the beautiful range for yourself click here.

Photos are not my own. Source Camilla and Marc.

Steele Femme Forte Collection

Steele Femme Forte Collection


With spring just eight days away, I’ve started to think about a complete season wardrobe overhaul. I always wear a lot of dresses during the warmer months and I’m starting to miss how easy and effortless it is to get myself together of a morning. For that reason I’ve started looking for new season dresses with a hope to finding that one piece that will see me through the next few summer months…

With that mind, my first destination was the beautiful new collection from Steele. If you want instant elegance with a cool-girl vibe, you don’t need to look any further. Featuring budding floral prints, off-the-shoulder sleeves, luxe silk satin, raw hems and light-wash denim pieces. The collection of loose silhouettes and relaxed styles is rather irresistible. Evoking a feeling of timeless romance, while still remaining modern.

The pieces from this collection you need, in order to seamlessly transition from winter to spring. And especially if you too are after an effortless easy dress for the summer season ahead; The Lily Dress in black print.  Maude Dress in black . Aria Dress in ash primrose . Farra Wrap Linen Dress in black . Belinda Dress in cherry primrose. As well as the Stellar Skirt in black print. To shop the entire Steele Femme Forte Collection visit their website by clicking here.

Photos are not my own. Source Steele Label.