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Camilla And Marc Ready To Wear Collection

Camilla And Marc Ready To Wear Collection

Camilla And Marc Ready To Wear CollectionCamilla And Marc Ready To Wear CollectionCamilla And Marc Ready To Wear CollectionCamilla And Marc Ready To Wear CollectionCamilla And Marc Ready To Wear CollectionCamilla And Marc Ready To Wear CollectionCamilla And Marc Ready To Wear CollectionCamilla And Marc Ready To Wear CollectionCamilla And Marc Ready To Wear Collection

A super quick update today before I start to make my way through an over flowing inbox and a pile of clothes I promised myself I would finally list on eBay sometime over the weekend. But never got the chance. And with a brand new season about to begin I’m cleaning out my closet just in time to make space for the beautiful new collections which are about to hit stores. In particular, the Camilla And Marc Ready To Wear collection above.

Filled with closet classics, the ones you can rely, time and again. This collection from Camilla And Marc features beautiful pieces that you will still be wearing in 20 years time and yet, still satisfy your current yearning for of the moment designs. From lush floral maxi styles, black satin slip dresses, leather pants, beautiful suiting and the ubiquitous leather bomber. There also no shortage of luxe, opulent fabrics.

My favourite pieces; The Vivienne Coat in navy . Coco Gown in jet black and navy . Lou Lou Off The Shoulder Dress in blue rose print and The Margot Cropped Straight Legged Jeans in a light blue vintage wash. The Camilla And Marc Ready To Wear collection will be available to purchase in February. However if you just can’t wait till then you can check out their current range of summer styles here.

Photos are not my own. Source Camilla And Marc.

Keepsake The Label Eclipse Collection

Keepsake The Label Eclipse Collection

Keepsake The Label Eclipse CollectionKeepsake The Label Eclipse Collection Keepsake The Label Eclipse Collection Keepsake The Label Eclipse Collection Keepsake The Label Eclipse CollectionKeepsake The Label Eclipse CollectionKeepsake The Label Eclipse

Checking in for a hot second before escaping to the beach. For those who don’t live in Sydney it has been incredibly warm this week with temperatures reaching around about 40 degrees for the past few days. I’ve spent today running errands in the comfort of air conditioning and just returned home to find that my house is basically a sweat box. But before I make my way somewhere way cooler, I’m determined to share with you the Keepsake The Label Eclipse collection. Which is, in my opinion, one of their most beautiful collections to date.

Sophisticated romance combined with an air of elegance provides a fresh take on traditional forms of evening wear. Fusing feminine silhouettes with a contemporary attitude. Lush floral prints on mini dresses and play suits, as well as bohemian style slip dresses put the focus on laid-back luxury. On the lighter side, fresh ivory compliments feminine draping, lace details and slimline cuts.

My favourite pieces from the collection so far; The Say You Will Top in navy . Lost Lover Bodice in black . Say You Will Skirt in navy . Too Soon Mini Dress in navy print . Two Minds Maxi Dress in black . Two Minds Mini Dress in black . Lost Lover Mini Dress in black and the Lost Lover Dress in black. To shop the entire Keepsake The Label Eclipse collection at the Fashion Bunker click here. You will definitely want to see the rest of the range. In the mean time I’ll be at the beach. Which is sure to be refreshing and so good for the soul.

Photos are not my own. Source Keepsake The Label via The Fashion Bunker.

Lucy Folk Gold Pearl Diver Bracelet

Lucy Folk Gold Pearl Diver Bracelet

Lucy Folk Gold Pearl Diver Bracelet

I spent the weekend doing only things that make me happy and it was the best ever. On Sunday I walked to Gordan’s Bay from Randwick and decided, why stop? I’ve been so unbelievably lazy for the past couple of months. So I walked all the way to Bondi. I have to admit it was a stretch for me. But I’m so glad I did. While I was there I finally had a chance to grab something delicious from Mr Topper’s Toast Bar; Which as the name suggests specialises in Avocado Toast! I love breakfast food so this place has been on my ‘must-visit’ list for a while now.

I also had the chance to satisfy my current gold obsession which first began in LA a few months ago, when I was gifted the most beautiful Chanel bag with gold hardware. Shortly after I selected some pieces from Rumi Neely’s Label You Are Am I; Including a gold lighter and choker with gold detail. Since returning to Sydney it’s gotten slightly out of control. Gold homewares, gold hardware on my new Chanel wallet and finally a trip to freedom to purchase a beautiful brass (gold) coloured lamp.

Yesterday in Bondi came across such a stunning bracelet by Lucy Folk in her new Bondi Boutique Playa (Spanish for beach). For those who aren’t familar with Lucy Folk, she is best known for her bold imagination and contemporary designs adorned with pearls, crotchet and unique textures. The Pearl Diver Bracelet is one of the label’s most popular designs. Crocheted by hand using metallic-gold thread and accented with ten freshwater pearls. I usually wear delicate pieces of jewellery however I’m willing to make an exception with this incredible piece. You can find it online to purchase here.

Photos are not my own. Source Lucy Folk.

New Year New Goals

New Year New Goals

New Year New Goals

I’m not particularly good at setting goals. I can never get a grasp on what’s realistic and what’s not, so I usually skip the whole process altogether to avoid letting myself down. But there’s something in the air that has me filled with hope. So I’ve decided that this is the year to set some serious goals. They may or may not be relevant to what you want to achieve, but they’re the things I’ve been needing to change for a while. And hopefully they’ll provide you with a little motivation. It’s onwards and upwards from here!

No putting things off.

I have an awful habit of creating long lists of things to do and not quite getting around to everything. Like yoga, completing the My Blonde Closet e-book I began writing a few months ago or going to Byron for the first time! This is the year I’m going to make sure I tick off everything on my list.

Be less indecisive.

I am at times terribly indecisive. I torture myself with two options. And often myself unable to make a choice. So this year I’m putting a limit on the time I allow myself to make decisions. And I’m going to be confident in my choices.

Step outside my comfort zone.

I have to admit, I hate being in front of the camera. Which is also slightly annoying because I love fashion and blogging more than anything. I also know that in order to achieve everything I want to, this needs to change.

This year I’m going to step outside myself comfort zone, take note of my favourite fashion bloggers (ie. Sonya Esman above) and hopefully find a little comfort in my own skin. Which means personal style posts will be making a come-back to the blog shortly. As well as Instagram in the next few days.

Go home more often.

I’ve spent the summer break at home in Cowaramup and loved every moment: fresh milk, fresh air, slow days at the beach, afternoons spent at wineries, the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. And sand at the bottom of every bag and in every shoe.

Spoil myself.

I’m not going to go crazy or anything. But after two years of serious saving it’s time to enjoy life a little. I want to invest in a camera so I can take better photos for this website. I’m currently obsessed with the new Olympus-Pen E-PL8. And that perfect little black dress from Sir The Label I’ve had my eye on? I’ll have that too.

Make this website everything I want it to be.

I’ve spent the last three years talking about it. Now’s the year to do everything I ever said I would. Watch this space!

Photos are not my own. Source Sonya Esman x For Love And Lemons.

Alpha-H Vitamin Serum

Here’s the thing. Whilst most skincare products will contain the ingredients your skin needs from day-to-day, we all have those moments when you feel like you need something extra to combat a specific problem. Especially during the warmer months. From long days at the beach, to those late nights, your skin is sure to need some additional love and attention.

For the past couple of months I’ve been applying the Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum each night, before going to bed. The result? Better skin. And not in a subtle way. In just a few weeks this made my skin about 10,000 watts more radiant. Not sure which serum is best for your skin? Have a quick read of my guide below and you’ll be sure to find what you need for your own summer skincare needs…

Alpha-H Vitamin B Serum.

If you’ve had enough of fine lines, uneven skin tone and tired looking skin then you should try the Alpha-H Vitamin B Serum. It is formulated to take on the daily environmental elements and prevent the appearance of premature ageing. If you’re not used to high-quality active serums like this, I recommend using it on alternative days at first. Just before you go to bed. Otherwise you might find it really rich at first, which is totally normal.

Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum with Grape Seed.

Think of the Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum as a good nights sleep in a bottle. This light-weight serum assists in the improvement of radiance, elasticity and skin texture. Whilst helping to reduce pigmentation, refine pores and provide protection against future sun damage.

Alpha-H Vitamin E Serum.

If you’ve spent too much time at the beach these summer holidays and your skin is crying for out for hydration and antioxidants this is the serum for you. The Alpha-H Vitamin E Serum will provide your skin with longer lasting hydration. Whilst the healing qualities of vitamin E will repair damaged skin cells, dry skin and sunburn for a brighter, healthier complexion.

Photos are not my own. Source Alpha-H.