The High Pony Tail

I know some people prefer the top knot however, my absolute go to hairstyle these days is the high pony. They’re two reasons for this. I love how easy it is to tie my hair up each day, it takes two seconds and always looks polished.

And the second, my hairdresser has told me in order to grow my hair and keep it as healthy as possible I shouldn’t been styling and straightening it as much as I do. And this is simply the best solution.

They’re two products which are a must to achieve a neat pony every time. They are the right hair brush and the right hair oil. My go-to is my GHD Oval Dressing Brush, and my John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength which not only smoothes hair but multi-tasks to strengthen it too.

Photos are not my own. Source as stated above.