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Sass And Bide NYC #2

I can not begin to tell you how excited i was that i would be able to visit the brand new Sass And Bide NYC store the very day it opened… The store itself is gorgeous, dominated by a huge, tree-like structure, painted completely white creating a sense of modern day grandeur. Apart from the tree and clothing rails, the store is almost completely bare with a gallery like feeling – white on white, clean and pure.

One of my favourite features of the store was that while trying on clothing in the fitting rooms i stood directly under the sky lights; The rain looked as though it might pour down on me. I imagine in the summer time this will be a beautiful and bright feature which the sass and bide team were trying to achieve drawing on the natural world and bringing it to life in a modern way for their nyc store. I took a few grainy pictures on my phone and have place them below as you would see the if you walked through the store yourself. Enjoy…

As for any new additions to my closet, i have to admit i was slightly disappointed that all the gorgeous pieces from the Sass And Bide new york fashion week show weren’t available to purchase for the launch. I also thought there would be more US exclusive pieces available.

There were only a handful of  tees, another handful of reincarnated, slightly adjusted pieces from Australia’s previous season collection. I did definitely still managed to find some very cool new pieces to fall in love with and take home with me. Just not as many as i thought i would… As for the service, the girls are gorgeous, beautifully dressed and as sweet as any New York City Magnolia Bakery cupcake.

Visit the Sass And Bide Soho Store at 480 Broome Street, NYC.

Not all photos are my own. Source Sass And Bide.