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Sir The Label Isobel Drape Dress


There’s nothing like being invited to a formal occasion and realising that you have nothing suitable to wear. Just two weeks ago I was invited to a wedding and literally had to go to the achieves of my closet (which is really just packed away suitcases full of everything I use to wear) to pick out dresses which I haven’t worn in over a year, maybe even longer. While they were all beautiful and they ended up being fine, I really didn’t feel 100% comfortable in what I wore on the day.

I tried on every single option but none of them really suit my current style and they certainly don’t fit as they did when they were purchased. It’s always wonderful to think that we can own the same dress for years and years but some times they just get a little tired, which is why I think it’s still important to regularly add beautiful new dresses to your closet. Even if they are worth saving for a special occasion.

Enter the Isobel Drape Dress from Sir The Label. It’s everything I wish I had of worn to the wedding. The perfect shape, colour, not to mention the slit detail. Hindsight is a beautiful thing! Have something special coming up? Don’t make the same mistake I did. Shop the Isobel Drape Dress here.

Photo is not my own. Source Sir The Label.