Faddoul AW15 Chant Collection

Faddoul AW15 Chant Collection Faddoul AW15 Chant Collection faddoul3 faddoul4 faddoul5 faddoul6

The gorgeous new Faddoul AW15 Chant Collection, is an ode to our inner Francophile. Every piece delivers the typical nonchalance of an enigmatic Parisian woman. A classic midi skirt that shows a hint of skin when she sits down in a café. A black jacket thrown carelessly over a grey coat as she wanders through the wintry streets of the city. A modern ensemble that will make her feel beautiful without being perfect.

Top of my wish list, the Boyer Knit, Flute Skirt and Hoban V Neck Dress; because I can’t go past the perfect Faddoul v-neck smock dress shape. I also love the Owen Knit and Forte Drape Coat in Navy.

To shop the Faddoul AW15 Chant Collection for yourself visit the Faddoul website here.

Photos are not my own. Source Faddoul The Label.