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PetiteGrand Jewellery

Unique in its simplicity, australian jewellery label PetiteGrand offers effortless style with pieces that can be worn during the day and then transcend into evening. They are little pieces of timeless luxury transcending the seasons, you can build on and layer to create your own expression. PetiteGrand designer Tanja is influenced by everything around her and designs pieces by simply creating by hand what she would want to wear, everyday pieces, the purity of geometric shapes and the understated elegance of precious metals and silk cord…

How did you come to designing PetiteGrand ?
My love of jewellery design combined with my love of making/creating something with my hands.

What is the meaning behind the name, PetiteGrand ?
The jewellery I do is very fine and delicate.. small… petite. The grand came from my love of the word GRAND – when something is beautiful, big and grand. I believe small can still be very grand.

What process do you go through in designing your pieces ?
I pick a theme for the collection to assist me to rein in my creative thought process, otherwise my brain goes crazy with the possibilities. Then I decide on what looks, shapes, metals and colours I would like to do. Then the real fun starts, I start making and designing the pieces.

Who are your pieces designed for ?
I guess someone who sees beauty in the little things around us.

Do you design pieces for yourself or your own style ?
Yes, initially I do design them for me. Every item I design I have to love and want to wear myself.

How would you describe your own style ?
Very similar to my label, simple, classic, understated  – but it always gets noticed.

What are your essential pieces within your closet ?
My jeans, Bassike t’shirts, Dylan Kain bag and Zimmermann swimwear.

What is your most cherished piece in your own jewellery collection ?
A pair of earrings my mother gave me when I was 5, an amazing Mawi necklace and the 1st silver ring I made.

What inspires you ?
Absolutely everything – Inspiration mainly comes when I’m not looking for it.

What outfit should PetiteGrand be teamed with ?
Anything from jeans and a t-shirt to drinks with friends, to your wedding day. That’s what I think is so wonderful about the jewellery, it fits into every aspect of your life.

What is the underlying philosophy of your brand ?
The philosophy of the brand is to design and create beautiful pieces that are unique and simple but always make a statement.

What does the future hold for PetiteGrand ?
Hopefully lots of wonderful things!

PetiteGrand jewellery is hand-made to order in the eastern surburbs of sydney australia and sold online and at boutiques nationally and internationally… To view the full PetiteGrand collection and purchase a delicate piece of luxury for yourself visit their website here.

Photos are not my own. Source Petite Grand.