Keepsake The Label Resonant Collection

Keepsake The Label Resonant Collection

Keepsake The Label Resonant CollectionKeepsake The Label Resonant CollectionKeepsake The Label Resonant Collection

Finally a chance to check in after another busy week. Yesterday my boyfriend left Sydney bound for London. It’s always hard when he leaves as we never know how long it will be before we see each other again. I returned home from the airport, pretty miserable and spent the rest of the day spring cleaning and re-organising my place. I know that most people hate cleaning, but I’ve always found it incredibly therapeutic. Especially when I’m feeling sad, or stressed or anxious. Nothing compares to a beautiful and organised space that can inspire a little magic in any ordinary day.

I’ve also turned to retail therapy and been indulging in a little online browsing this afternoon. Consequently increasing the length of my current spring wardrobe wish list, with some additional pieces from the new Keepsake The Label Resonant collection (featured above). I know I shouldn’t be shopping but who could resist a range filled with beautiful lace separates, sheer silhouettes and voluminous dresses, set along-side frills, pleats and elegant draping?! In a dusky palette of pink, peach and blue alongside classic monochrome.

The pieces which will be perfect from this season until the next; The Capture Maxi Dress in black, the Bitter Sweet Maxi Dress in navy and Translate Midi Dress in Black. I’ve also fallen for some of the pieces in the collection ideal for cooler weather; Including the Mocking Bird Coat in black and the Listen Out Long Sleeved Pleated Dress in pastel blue. You can find the entire Keepsake The Label Resonant collection at the Fashion Bunker by clicking here. And feel free to shop until your hearts content!

Photos are not my own. Source Keepsake The Label.